In 2017, 962 million global population was above 60 years and this is close to three times as large it was in 1980 – 362 million senior persons. This number is expected to double – 2.1 billion old persons by 2050. And almost 80% of this population will be in developing countries .

The increasing proportion of ageing population has implication on nearly all aspects of society. This makes the preparation for the economic and social shifts associated with an ageing population essential to fulfil the pledge of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that “no one will be left behind .

Governments are seeking to design innovative policies and public services specifically targeted to the ageing population. Apart from Governments, private enterprise & NGOs are also chipping in to provide services that shall cater to the needs of this segment.

According to UN Report on Population Prospects (2019), India will be most populous country by 2027. And with almost one out of every five persons being a senior citizen, it surely needs to Re imagine Ageing .

Time for India to Re Imagine Ageing. Have a community of Happy Seniors. Obviate loneliness on account of nuclearization of families, engage seniors meaningfully, and keep them occupied proactively. Enjoy travel & leisure moments and live life to its fullest .

All the above, is not necessarily a manifestation of Government policies & programs but ingrained in the Socialisation & social integration of senior citizens in India. Lets’ Re imagine Aging in this context.

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