“Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

It was well noted by Mark Twain. However, what will matter, sooner than later, is the proportion of Elders in the population. 

A UN Report on Global Population notes that one in every 6 persons’ is above the age of 65. Closer to home, one in every 6th Indian will be above the age of 60 years by 2041. Another 9 years and this changes to 1 in every five Indians. At the same time, one in every 4 persons will be a Senior in many European countries & North America.

Aging population shall be the most significant demographic transformation of this century. This shall bring in its wake a transformation of societies, geographies & nations. As responsible & responsive societies we need to be prepared for these silent yet real changes. More importantly we should be ready with solutions for the Aging Population. Solutions which intend to alter the manner we look at aging as a process. Aging is not at all moving towards a gloomy or dull phase of life. It is rather an opportunity to find that lively soul in you again.  

We need to Reimagine Aging – especially in the context of changing demographics of fast-growing developing economies like India.   

We should be able to connect, demonstrate & show how engagement & occupation for the aging population makes a difference.

We need to make a distinction between Aging & Active Aging.

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