About unyoung

We really want to say it out loud that Aging, Old Age, Retirement are not dreaded words. Be active and have Fun in the sunset years of life.

Reimagine Aging

At NjoyUrAge we are reimagining aging. Aging is fun. Aging is a rediscovery of yourself. Aging is experiencing the world all over….once again. Aging is life’s beautiful phase. It is a time to travel. It is time to spend hours with old friends. It is time to find and make new friends. It is time to be alive & lively. At NjoyUrAge we believe that age doesn't matter. The process of aging does. And we intend to make it relaxing, enjoyable & fun. We firmly believe that engagement, occupation & leisure are the most important aspects in this process & that is what we intend to provide. Aging is fun. Aging is a rediscovery of yourself.

Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you had.

About Unyoung

Redefining Old Age

"NjoyUrAge - web and app platforms are promoted by UnYoung India Pvt. Ltd. We are a startup focused on ensuring health and active ageing. Incorporated in 2018, we were incubated in 2019 by Government of Rajasthan under its iStart programme. "

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Redefining Aging.

We are transforming the market Services/Products for Seniors to build a community of Happy & Active Seniors.

Our Vision

Be The Platform For Your Aging Needs

Be the Go To Solution for the Aging Population's need for Engagement, Leisure, Learning.


The Unyoung Squad

  • Rohit Sabharawal, Unyoung India
    Rohit Sabharawal

    An alumnus of Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Rohit has over 22 years of experience in Business Development & Strategy in Tech Enabled and Content Driven Enterprises. He was formerly Head of Business Development at CMIE.

  • Pranab Bhatnagar

    An alumnus of Hansraj College, University of Delhi, Pranab has over 20 years of experience in Sales and Operations. He was formerly, Head of Household Survey at CMIE

    Pranab Bhatnagar, Unyoung India
  • Rouni Sharma, Unyoung India
    Rouni Sharma

    Rouni Sharma is a Civil Service Aspirant with a strong desire to bring change around him. He looks after alliances and communities at NjoyUrAge

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