The good news: If you are past your prime & fear contracting Diabetes, be rest assured it is preventable. If you have Diabetes, no worry, a little extra attention & the correct treatment can help in managing the same. Diabetes can not hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Follow your doctor’s advice, eat a balanced life & have an active schedule to reap the rewards of a long & healthy life. 

The Causes

Diabetes is a condition involving erratic variation in blood sugar levels from the recommended measures. This may happen due to dysfunctional pancreas, in which case body stops producing the required amount of insulin to break down sugar. This is Type 1 Diabetes. This may also happen due to age, obesity, high blood pressure & other external factors. (Type 2). Your body goes into an overdrive of insulin antibody production wearing out the cell that produce insulin.


An active lifestyle & maintaining a healthy weight is the key to preventing diabetes as age progresses. When we live an active life the body doesn’t have to burn as much sugar as it would otherwise need to. This prevents the wearing out of insulin cells. 

Living with Diabetes

Normal Lifestyle. Yes. Living with diabetes is same as living a normal life although you need to add a dose of extra care. Here are some tips to keep your diabetes in check.

Eat Healthy

Get a diet chart and a calorie intake chart from your Doctor if you have not done so already. Follow this religiously. Not just diabetes, but limiting calories with increasing age has rub off effects on other aspect of life. With a healthy weight you avoid pressure on Knees & Joints thereby providing for a more active life. If you lack the will to stick to a diet plan, seek services of a nutritionist. Better still - synchronize meals with a diabetic friend - Partners in crime. Share notes on diets, what to have & what to avoid. Always remember, the idea is to maintain the sugar levels. And this includes all sugar’s - even the one’s in fruit.


No. We are not talking about hitting the gym for 2 hours a day. A brisk walk for 30 minutes would do the trick. If there are kids in the house, visit the nearby park with them or try out other fun activities that would get you moving. If you have the zeal and energy, simply put on some music and get dancing. Dancing is not only a great exercise but also has positive impact on ageing.

The Treatment

The better word is management. In case you have diabetes it needs to be managed. Never miss a dose of your medication. Put up a chart on you Medicine Cabinet or a reminder in your mobile phone. Have it on time. 

Check blood sugar levels regularly. Maintain a page in your personal diary and keep note with dates. Any cut, wound or laceration should not be ignored.

We were born to live a full & happy life. Letting diabetes taking control of it would be an anti-climax. Therefore, take control of Diabetes and make the best of life by living it to the fullest.