The heart is like an engine to your body; it keeps the body running. And just like a mechanical engine wears down with age, so does the heart. But then again, if you oil the engine to precision and run maintenance checks on a regular basis, it will function past its prime. Do you get the context of reference here?

So instead of getting anxious about the consequences of a stroke or heart failure, and further compromising the quality of your life, it is imperative to focus on enhancing the condition of your heart by giving in to healthy habits. Take a look at some of the lifestyle changes that can significantly contribute towards a healthy heart by mitigating the risks of any coronary disease, allowing you to reap the benefits of long and hearty life (pun intended). 


Stay Active As Much As Possible

The amount of oxygen pumped into the heart significantly depends on the activity of the body. Engaging in cardiovascular exercises will help you keep your weight and blood pressure in check, reduce stress, and improve the overall heart condition.


Follow A Balanced Diet

Consumption of a balanced diet that includes wholesome and nutritious food is directly proportional to a healthy and fit heart. Increase the count of heart-healthy food in your diet. Include food items such as salmon, berries, nuts, oats, beans, avocado, etc., in your daily meals and exclude or diminish the consumption of trans fats, saturated salts and refined sugar. 


Quit Smoking

Smoking is harmful for your lungs and excessive smoking can lead to severe health issues like lung cancer or chronic pulmonary diseases. If you are a regular smoker, it's time to turn that habit to occasional, while simultaneously working towards quitting it altogether. 


Maintain A Healthy Weight

Though not directly related, obesity has an adverse effect on your heart condition. So eating the right meal on time, gauging your calorie intake, being physically active - are some of the smart ways to keep your weight in check and maintain your heart health. Keeping count of the calories you consume and measuring it against the calories you burn in a day is a clever approach to maintaining a healthy weight (Of course you have to act upon it. Simply comparing won’t help).


Steer Clear From Stress 

When it comes to factors associated with heart issues, stress stands out as a prominent cause. Stress paves way for anxiety that further leads to several heart diseases. So, ensure to stay away from stress and find healthy alternatives to relieve any tension. Engage in meditation, gift yourself a spiritual rejuvenation through yoga, aerobics, massages, etc., get a good night’s sleep - these are some ways by which you can dodge the risk of stress and tread towards a healthy lifestyle. 


Don't sit down and trouble your mental and physical being by developing apprehensions about your heart condition. The well-being of your heart is in your control, so take charge today and adopt the above lifestyle changes to keep your heart healthy and strong.