NjoyUrAge = Reimagine Aging

At NjoyUrAge we are reimagining aging. Aging is fun. Aging is a rediscovery of yourself. Aging is experiencing the world all over….once again. Aging is life’s beautiful phase. It is a time to travel. It is time to spend hours with old friends. It is time to find and make new friends. It is time to be alive & lively. At NjoyUrAge we believe that age doesn't matter. The process of aging does. And we intend to make it relaxing, enjoyable & fun. We firmly believe that engagement, occupation & leisure are the most important aspects in this process & that is what we intend to provide.


Building the largest community of Active Seniors.

NjoyUrAge APP

We are obsessed with building the largest & an incredibly vibrant community of the active aging population. We firmly believe that aging as a process should be enjoyed to the maximum. Our community transcends the digital & the physical world. Our App – NjoyUrAge is instrumental in building & fostering the community. The App is the enabler for engagement, occupation & leisure.

Connect & Engage

NjoyUrAge APP enables connection & engagement amongst the senior community. They can create Polls or have a discussion in the Forums. Share your life’s experiences with the larger community or engage in one on one chat. Access curated information & browse holiday destinations. Join communities of your interest in the vicinity or better still create your own micro community!

Occupation & Collaboration

It's great to meet individuals who share similar interests. It is even better to discover & find such people in your vicinity. We call these Micro Local Communities. Limited by Geography & Bound together by shared interests or common goals, these ‘hyper-local’ communities are the building blocks of the larger macro community. The criss cross web of our communities ensures constant engagement for our users.


Curated and hand picked services designed & crafted for the aging population.

Hand-picked services

We provide handpicked & curated services for the Aging population. The services are designed keeping in view the need, requirement & aspiration of the aging population. From day-to-day needs of a Yoga Guru or a Dietitian to a Pandit for an event or a holiday planning for our members-we strive to bring convenience & comfort to the daily lives of our community members.

Curated Services

Our empanelled service providers undergo a rigorous process including background checks prior to being listed on the NjoyUrAge platform. We believe that Service Quality is of paramount importance to cater to our community & curation therefore is a core function. The packages developed with Service Providers are custom designed for the Senior Community.

Delivery of Services

The services are delivered - to an individual or to a community at home or at a specific centre through a set of trained & qualified personnel. We deliver either directly or through a network of curated service partners. Users are invited & always welcome to share feedback which flows back into improving upon the services & delivery.

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Who we are?

Company Founding Team

NjoyUrAge - the concept & brand is promoted by UnYoung India Pvt Ltd. UnYoung India is a startup recognised by DPIIT, Govt of India. It is presently incubated under the iStart initiative for startups by Govt of Rajasthan at Bhamha Shah Technohub, Jaipur.

The founding team of UnYoung India has a rich & diversified experience.


Rohit is the founder at UnYoung India. An alumni of Delhi School of Economics (DSE). Rohit's intent to work for the Senior Community led to the foundation of UnYoung India.




Pranab is the co-founder & co-ideator at UnYoung India. He presently holds the post of Chief Operating Officer at UnYoung India.




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